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General Info

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What to Bring

Lightweight clothing in dull colours, light sweater and heavier, warmer jacket. Swimming costume, sun protection creams. Dress is completely informal. Medical necessities, including anti-malaria medication. Camera, binoculars, sunglasses, hat, film. (Idube does stock hats, assorted clothing and shoes).

Special Precautions

As we are in a malaria risk area, guests have anti-mosquito units plugged into their rooms, and we suggest that they remain on during the night. We have screens on the windows and entrance door, and insect repellent is provided.

We strongly advise guests to consult their doctors before visiting any malaria risk area. Guests sometimes forget the strength of the African sun, so please make sure that you wear sunscreen and hats, and that you don't lie outside in the sun too long.

Lion Cubs Lion Cubs
Screen Doors and Windows, Mosquito Nets Screen Doors and Windows, Mosquito Nets


Rainfall is generally in the summer months from October to March, with average mean temperatures ranging from 19°C to 35°C (66-95F).

Weather is normally warm to hot during the day, with warm evenings. At times it can be cool, particularly during rainy spells.

Winter months are generally pleasantly warm during the day, but the temperature drops in the evening, with average mean temperatures from 10°C to 26°C (50-79F).

Idube is situated 400m (1310 feet) above sea level.


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